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Need a New Dentist in Huber Heights? Follow These 4 Steps

July 17, 2019

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Whether you’ve just moved, or simply needed to switch dentists, it’s important to find a new one right away. You’re looking for someone who can not only clean your teeth, but who can form a positive relationship with you. Dental care is vital to your overall health, so it’s critical to find one who will treat you the way you need to be treated. But just how do you find one? A dentist in Huber Heights is here to talk about a simply 4-step process to finding a new dentist near you.

1. Ask Preliminary Questions

You’ll need to visit your dentist regularly, so there are some basic questions you need to ask yourself when you’re considering a candidate, such as:

  • How close is the office to your home or job?
  • How convenient are their office hours?
  • Is the dentist in network with your insurance?

2. Start Searching

When you start looking for dentists, you will probably see some targeted ads online. These are usually a great place to begin since they are already in your area. In addition, you can ask local friends or family members for recommendations. If a dentist treats someone in your family, they may have experience treating any dental conditions that run in your family. You can also search a nearby dental school. This is especially helpful if you don’t have benefits and are having trouble affording care. Dental schools usually need patients, and they provide relatively inexpensive care.

3. Make Calls or Visits

Don’t be afraid to call or visit the office of any dentist you might be interested in. After all, there’s no better way to find out if someone is a right fit for you than by talking to them. Take a list of questions with you. It should include items like:

  • Will the dentist advise me on how to prevent certain oral health problems?
  • How does the dentist handle emergencies when the office is closed?
  • How does the office handle payment plans for certain treatments?
  • Will your medical and dental history be recorded and placed in a personal file?
  • Will the dentist be accommodating of my fears and anxieties?

4. Pick Someone Who Can Be Your Partner

Pick someone who will work with you, and not against you, to solve your problems. Whoever you choose should be part of your total healthcare team, since proper dental care is so important to your overall health. Look for someone who can solve problems in more than just your mouth.

Ultimately, whoever you choose is up to you. Pick someone who is willing to work with you to help you achieve the best oral health you can have. Hopefully this article helped make it a little easier to make that decision.

About the Author

Dr. James Striebel has been practicing general dentistry in the Huber Heights, OH area for more than 20 years. His professional affiliations include the American Dental Association, the Dayton Dental Society, the Ohio Dental Association, and the American Orthodontic Society, among others. To learn more about how to choose the best dentist for you, contact Dr. Striebel on his website or at (937)-235-2400.

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