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Dentures and Partials

A Smile Isn’t a Smile if It Isn’t Complete

Missing teeth can cause a handful of problems, from trouble with speaking and eating to low self-esteem to even the deterioration of the jaw bone. If you lose teeth, however, there’s still hope for greater health and confidence in the future with dentures and partials. Thanks to advances in the materials used to make these appliances, as well as modern technology, we can create more lifelike and comfortable dental prosthetics than ever before at James A. Striebel Dentistry in Huber Heights, Ohio.

What is a partial?

A partial denture, which many people simply call “a partial,” is created from a combination of materials made to look like gums, teeth, and a metal frame, which will clasp to your remaining teeth to secure the partial denture. No matter the pattern of the missing teeth, a partial denture can be made to fit the needed arrangement, with the replacement teeth spread out along the base to fit into your smile. Unlike a dental bridge, a partial denture is removable, which makes this appliance easy to clean and care for.

What is a denture?

When you need to replace all of the teeth along an arch, we can fit you for a full denture. Unlike partial dentures, which use clasps to remain in place, a full denture relies on suction to remain secure, along with dental adhesives to provide the dentures with a bit more strength.

Implant-Supported Dentures and Partials

We can also place dental implants to hold your denture or partial in place. With implant-retained dentures, you get the best of both worlds; dental implants embedded in the jaw bone to support healthy bone growth and keep your facial shape intact, as well as a removable tooth replacement that is easy to clean and care for. We will place a few dental implants strategically along the arch, and these implants will have special tops that are designed to snap into your denture or partial. It’s that simple to have more security against embarrassing slips and even more functional dentures.

We will explore dentures, partial dentures, and alternatives to these dental prosthetics, including dental bridges and dental implants, whenever you visit James A. Striebel for a consultation to explore tooth replacement options. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the problem, even if it’s only one missing tooth. One missing tooth will turn into many over time if nothing is done. If you’re in Huber Heights, Vandalia, Northridge, or beyond, contact us for an appointment.