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TMJ Therapy

The Tiny TMJ Can Cause Big Pain Problems – Find Relief at James A. Striebel Dentistry

You’ve probably heard of the TMJ, but do you know what those letters mean? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is responsible for the jaw movement. It’s a very small, triangular joint that sits right in front of your ears. While tiny, this joint can cause pain in the head, face, neck, shoulders, and even back. These problems are often caused by stress or bite misalignment, and there are different forms of TMJ therapy to help alleviate the pain associated with what is known as TMJ dysfunction (TMD). At James A. Striebel Dentistry in Huber Heights, Ohio, we offer TMJ therapy to provide relief from chronic pain and a more enjoyable life for those suffering with TMD.

Because stress is so ubiquitous these days, problems with TMJ pain are common as well. TMJ therapy can include a combination of treatments and lifestyle changes designed to lessen the stress on the jaw joint and bring the jaw into more proper alignment. If you’re suffering from TMJ dysfunction, we may recommend a nightguard to eliminate the issues associated with grinding or clenching. Grinding can also cause tooth loss and damage, so an oral appliance is essential for those who grind their teeth in their sleep. We’ll fit you for a custom nightguard to provide the ultimate in comfort as well as protection.

Other TMJ therapy treatments can include tooth replacement to bring the bite back into better alignment, adjusting the bite, orthodontics, filling in gaps between teeth, and other treatments designed to align the jaw and take stress off the joint. We also might suggest that you take part in stress management techniques, like exercise, massage, and stretching. People who suffer with chronic TMJ pain will want to avoid hard or chewy foods, chewing gum or ice, and other activities that can overstimulate the jaw joint.

If you’re suffering with the following symptoms, consider TMJ therapy from Dr. James Striebel:

  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Trouble opening and closing the mouth
  • Popping or clicking in the jaw
  • Pain in the jaw muscles
  • Aches in the shoulders or neck

If these sound familiar, contact us to make an appointment for a full assessment. We’ll draw up a plan for your TMJ therapy and work with you to alleviate these symptoms. TMJ pain can be debilitating, but you don’t have to continue to suffer; you can visit James A. Striebel Dentistry in Huber Heights, Ohio (near Vandalia and Northridge as well) to explore solutions and live a freer life.