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Crown & Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges are a standard option for repairing and restoring smiles with broken, heavily damaged, or missing teeth. These dental restorations can be made with completely natural-looking materials, such as porcelain, so that you don’t have to sacrifice appearance to get exceptional health. At James A. Striebel Dentistry in Huber Heights, Ohio, we offer crown and bridge restorations to make sure that our patients have the treatments they need to achieve the best possible results.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are often used to:

  • Replace large fillings
  • Keep a weakened tooth from breaking
  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Anchor a bridge
  • Top a dental implant
  • Cap a tooth that’s been treated with root canal therapy
  • Provide cosmetic restoration

Crowns are a reliable and common treatment to correct all kinds of dental issues. When we create your dental crowns, we go out of our way to make them as aesthetically pleasing as they are strong and reliable. With so many advanced options available for materials, there is no reason that your crown and bridge care should be anything less than completely beautiful. We’ll make sure that the crowns fit seamlessly into your smile, keeping your bite in proper position and facilitating excellent function.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is one of the tooth replacement options available at James A. Striebel Dentistry in Huber Heights. Dental bridges consist of one or more replacement teeth with dental crowns on either end of the bridge that hold it in place. In order to wear a dental bridge, then, you must have healthy remaining teeth that are strong enough to support the crowns and bridge. For some, this may mean that partial dentures or dental implants are a more viable option. Dr. Striebel performs thorough examinations using modern and advanced diagnostic technology prior to making any treatment recommendations.

When you need treatments like crown and bridge, turn to Dr. James Striebel in Huber Heights to receive a high level of care. Dr. Striebel started in the dental profession for one simple reason: he wanted to help people! This has led him to continue his education every year since completing dental school in an effort to keep up-to-date on the best treatments for his patients.

Count on James A. Striebel Dentistry for your general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care, including crown and bridge, and get fantastic results for your health, appearance, and life! Patients from Huber Heights, Vandalia, Northridge, and surrounding communities come to our office because we’re committed not only to modern care but to complete comfort and overall satisfaction, too. Contact us for an appointment.