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4 Reasons You NEED to Schedule Six Month Dental Checkups

August 20, 2017

smiling woman at dental checkupHistorically, dental care was only sought on a reactionary basis. Most dental health issues have mild symptoms that can go unnoticed to the untrained eye, and they are likely to become more severe without early intervention. That’s why most dentists have shifted their focus from repairing already damaged teeth to partnering with patients to prevent dental damage. Keep reading to find out more about dental checkups and why they’re so important to staying happy and healthy.

1 – Flawless Smiles

Most cosmetic dental flaws begin as minor chips or slight discoloration. Many of these small imperfections can be avoided with regular, preventive dental care. That means visiting a dentist every six months and caring for your smile at home can actually ensure your smile remains attractive for years to come.

2 – Better Breath

People have 1000s of bacteria in their mouths at any given time. These bacteria are a natural part of the digestive process, but like any other living organism, bacteria consume nutrients and excrete waste. The waste produced by bacteria is a sticky, acidic biofilm known as plaque. Without regular removal, plaque buildup can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and chronic bad breath. Even the most thorough at-home hygiene routines may not remove plaque from some of the harder to access areas, so professional teeth cleanings as part of dental checkups are an important part of every dental health plan.

3 – It Could Save Your Life

Oral cancer screening is part of most dental checkups. This disease claims a life every hour in the US, and the Oral Cancer Foundation indicates that early diagnosis is the best way to decrease this number. Dentists are the ideal practitioners to identify the early warning signs of oral cancer. During these screenings, we’ll look for changes in the color or texture of soft tissue, and partner with patients to diagnosis oral cancer in early stages and seek treatment.

4 – Keep Your Natural Smile for Life

Victorian brides and bridegrooms used to receive dentures as wedding gifts. At this time, the majority of people lost some or most of their teeth in their 30s, so these gifts were very pragmatic. Today, improved at-home hygiene and preventive dentistry dramatically decrease the number of people who need dentures.

Meet Dr. Striebel

At the Huber Heights dental office of James A. Striebel, DDS, our dentist and team go above and beyond to ensure patients feel 100% confident in every treatment they receive. If you want to find out more about dental services available from Dr. Striebel, read our monthly dentistry blog. You can also contact our knowledgeable dentistry team to find out more or schedule a dental checkup.

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